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5 ways to earn money from google (Visit to start earning)


Google Adsense

Procuring from Google AdSense includes a progression of steps, and it requires exertion, time, and adherence to research’s strategies. Here is a general aide on the most proficient method to bring in cash through Google AdSense:

Make a Site or Blog:

You want a stage to show promotions. This could be a blog, site, or YouTube channel.
Guarantee that your substance agrees with Google AdSense strategies. Stay away from content that disregards their rules, like protected material, grown-up happy, or criminal operations.
Quality Substance:

Make top caliber, unique substance that offers some incentive to your crowd. This is urgent for drawing in guests and keeping them locked in.
Pick a Specialty:

Center around a particular specialty that has a main interest group. Promoters are bound to put significant advertisements on your site in the event that you have a reasonable specialty.
Website design enhancement (Site improvement):

Streamline your substance for web search tools to draw in natural rush hour gridlock. Utilize significant catchphrases, make meta labels, and assemble backlinks.
Apply for Google AdSense:

When your site or blog has an adequate measure of content, apply for Google AdSense.
Google will audit your application and guarantee your substance agrees with their approaches.
Promotion Arrangement:

Decisively put promotions on your site to augment perceivability without compromising the client experience. Normal positions incorporate inside the substance, sidebar, or header.
Promotion Organizations:

Google AdSense offers different promotion designs, including show advertisements, text promotions, and connection units. Try different things with various organizations to see which turns out best for your crowd.
Traffic Age:

Direct people to your site through different channels, including web-based entertainment, email showcasing, and natural inquiry. More traffic frequently prompts all the more promotion impressions and snaps.
Screen Execution:

Routinely check your AdSense represent execution measurements. Comprehend which pages and promotion units are performing great and change your methodology appropriately.
Agree with Arrangements:

Stick to research AdSense arrangements to stay away from punishments or record suspension. Keep yourself refreshed on strategy changes.
Explore and Advance:

Try different things with various promotion sizes, varieties, and positions to track down the best blends. Screen your examination to grasp client conduct.
Installment Arrangement:

Set up your installment data in your AdSense record to get installments. Google normally pays through electronic assets move (EFT) or checks.
Recall that accomplishment with Google AdSense takes time, and it’s critical to construct an economical, long haul methodology as opposed to zeroing in exclusively on momentary increases. Also, consistently stay informed about Google’s approaches, as infringement can prompt the suspension of your AdSense account.

2: YouTube Partner Program:

Bringing in cash through the YouTube Accomplice Program (YPP) includes a progression of steps and expects you to meet specific qualification measures. This is an aide en route to procure from the YouTube Accomplice Program:

  1. Make a YouTube Channel:
    Sign in to YouTube utilizing your Google Record.
    Click on your profile picture and select “Make a channel.”
    Follow the moves toward set up your YouTube channel.
  2. Transfer Unique Substance:
    Make and transfer unique, top notch content to your YouTube channel. Content can incorporate recordings, video blogs, instructional exercises, surveys, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.
  3. Meet Qualification Prerequisites:
    To fit the bill for the YouTube Accomplice Program, you really want to meet specific rules:
    All follow YouTube’s approaches and rules.
    Live in a nation or district where the YouTube Accomplice Program is accessible.
    Have in excess of 4,000 legitimate public watch hours over the most recent a year.
    Have in excess of 1,000 supporters.
    Have a connected AdSense account.
  4. Empower Adaptation:
    When you meet the qualification necessities, you can apply for the YouTube Accomplice Program.
    Go to your YouTube Studio.
    In the left menu, click on “Adaptation.”
    Follow the on-screen moves toward consent to the terms and set up your AdSense account.
  5. Promotion Arrangements:
    In the wake of being acknowledged into the YPP, you can begin bringing in cash through different promotion designs, including show advertisements, overlay promotions, skippable video promotions, non-skippable video promotions, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.
  6. Assemble and Draw in Your Crowd:
    Develop your endorser base and increment your video sees by making content that reverberates with your main interest group.
    Urge watchers to like, remark, share, and buy in.
  7. Streamline Video Metadata:
    Utilize significant and enlightening titles, labels, and portrayals for your recordings to further develop accessibility.
  8. Advance Your Recordings:
    Share your recordings via virtual entertainment, insert them on your site or blog, and utilize other showcasing channels to increment perceivability.
  9. Figure out Examination:
    Use YouTube Examination to grasp your crowd, track execution, and distinguish regions for development.
  10. Local area Rules and Copyright:
    Comply with YouTube’s people group rules and copyright arrangements. Try not to utilize protected material without consent.
  11. Remain Agreeable:
    Remain informed about YouTube arrangements and changes to guarantee consistence. Abusing arrangements can prompt demonetization or different punishments.
  12. Broaden Income Streams:
    Investigate extra income streams, like channel participations, stock rack, and Super Talk during live streams.
  13. Persistence and Consistency:
    Bringing in cash on YouTube takes time. Show restraint, remain steady, and ceaselessly work on your substance.
    Recall that the YouTube Accomplice Program is only one method for adapting your substance. Differentiating your income streams can add to a more economical pay from your YouTube channel.

3:Google Opinion Rewards:

Google Assessment Prizes is a versatile application created by Google that permits clients to procure credits for noting reviews. These credits can be utilized to buy applications, games, motion pictures, books, and more from the Google Play Store. This is an aide while heading to procure and utilize Google Assessment Prizes:

  1. Download and Introduce the Application:
    Go to the Google Play Store on your Android gadget.
    Look for “Google Assessment Rewards” and introduce the application.
  2. Sign In with Your Google Record:
    Open the application and sign in with the Google account you need to utilize.
  3. Complete Your Profile:
    Finish up the underlying review that requests essential data about you. This assists Google with fitting overviews to your segment.
  4. Empower Area Administrations:
    Permit the application to get to your area. Google Assessment Prizes might send you area based overviews.
  5. Hang tight for Studies:
    When your profile is set up, you will get warnings when there are studies free for you. Overviews are ordinarily short and require a couple of moments to finish.
  6. Answer Genuinely:
    Give legitimate and exact responses. The reviews are intended to gather sentiments and criticism, so honest reactions are significant.
  7. Check for Standard Studies:
    The recurrence of overviews fluctuates. You might get overviews on numerous occasions a week or less oftentimes.
  8. Use Credits on the Play Store:
    At the point when you aggregate an adequate number of credits, you can utilize them to make buys on the Google Play Store. These credits can be utilized for applications, games, films, books, or in-application buys.
  9. Show restraint:
    At times, there might be periods where you don’t get many overviews. Be patient, as this can differ in light of your segment and area.
  10. Keep Notices Empowered:
    Guarantee that you have warnings empowered for the Google Assessment Prizes application so you get convenient alarms about accessible overviews.
  11. Update the Application:
    Routinely check for updates to the Google Assessment Prizes application. Updates might incorporate enhancements, bug fixes, and extra elements.
  12. Upgrade Area Settings:
    In the event that area based reviews are accessible in your district, keeping area administrations empowered can expand your possibilities getting more studies.
  13. Share Encounters and Inclinations:
    Some overviews might get some information about your encounters with explicit items or administrations. Share your perspectives and inclinations to get more applicable reviews.
    Recall that while Google Assessment Prizes can be a helpful method for procuring credits for the Play Store, it probably won’t bring about huge profit. The number and worth of reviews can shift, and it’s all the more a valuable method for acquiring a few advantages for your interest.

4:Google Play Developer:

To turn into a Google Play Designer and distribute applications on the Google Play Store, you want to sign up for the Google Play Engineer Program. Here is a bit by bit guide on the most proficient method to procure Google Play Designer status:

  1. Make a Google Record:
    In the event that you don’t as of now have a Google Record, make one. This will be the record related with your designer profile.
  2. Visit the Google Play Control center:
    Go to the Google Play Control center site.
  3. Sign In:
    Sign in to the Google Record you need to use for your designer account.
  4. Acknowledge the Designer Arrangement:
    Survey and acknowledge the Designer Dissemination Understanding.
  5. Pay the Enlistment Charge:
    There is a one-time enlistment charge to turn into a Google Play Engineer. As of my insight cutoff in September 2021, the charge is $25 USD. Installment strategies might change by country.
  6. Complete Your Engineer Profile:
    Fill in your engineer profile with precise and important data. This incorporates your engineer name, contact subtleties, and other essential data.
  7. Set Up a Vendor Record:
    In the event that you intend to sell applications or deal in-application buys, you’ll have to set up a Google Wallet Shipper account. This includes giving extra monetary and charge data.
  8. Arrange Installment Settings:
    Arrange your installment settings in the Google Play Control center. This is where you’ll get installments for application deals and in-application buys.
  9. Make a Designer Page:
    You have the choice to make a designer page that features your applications and gives data about your improvement group.
  10. Begin Distributing Applications:
    When your designer account is set up, you can begin transferring and distributing applications on the Google Play Store.
    Adhere to the rules and approaches given by Google to guarantee your applications follow their principles.
  11. Figure out Application Dispersion and Estimating:
    Pick whether you need your applications to be accessible to clients free of charge or on the other hand if you have any desire to charge for downloads. You can likewise decide to propose in-application buys.
  12. Advance Your Application Posting:
    Make convincing and precise application postings with clear depictions, screen captures, and different resources. This draws in clients to your applications.
  13. Survey and Testing:
    Prior to distributing, completely test your applications to guarantee they function true to form on various gadgets. Google has rules on application quality that you ought to adhere to.
  14. Submit for Audit:
    Present your application for audit in the Google Play Control center. Google will audit your application to guarantee it follows their strategies.
  15. Sit tight for Endorsement:
    Once your application is submitted, you’ll have to sit tight for Google’s survey and endorsement. This interaction can require some investment.
  16. Routinely Update and Keep up with Your Applications:
    Stay up with the latest, answer client surveys, and address any issues immediately. Customary updates can work on the perceivability and progress of your applications.
    Make sure to remain informed about Google Play arrangements, as rebelliousness can result in application expulsion or record suspension. Also, Google might refresh their cycles and approaches, so it’s fundamental to allude to the most recent documentation on the Google Play Engineer site.

5:Google Contributor:

Google Benefactor was a program that permitted clients to contribute monetarily to sites they visited in return for a promotion free encounter. In any case, as of January 2021, Google has stopped the Google Donor program.

On the off chance that you are searching for ways of supporting your #1 sites or content designers, you should investigate elective strategies, for example,

Membership Administrations:

Numerous sites offer membership administrations where clients can pay a month to month or yearly charge to get to premium substance or partake in a promotion free encounter.

Patreon is a stage where makers can get monetary help straightforwardly from their fans. Clients can become benefactors and contribute a limited budget for every creation or consistently.
Purchase Product:

A few sites and content designers sell product, for example, Shirts, mugs, or different things. Buying these things is a method for supporting them.

A few substance designers have gift fastens or connects on their sites. Clients can make deliberate gifts to help the makers.
Subsidiary Connections:

A few sites use subsidiary showcasing, where they procure a commission for each deal made through their offshoot joins. Clients can uphold the site by making buys through these connections.
Participation Projects:

A few sites have participation programs that offer selective substance, early access, or different advantages to supporters. By joining these projects, clients can uphold the site and partake in extra advantages.
It means a lot to check with the particular site or content designer to see what choices they offer for help. Remember that the scene of online help components can change, so it’s smart to remain informed about the most recent turns of events and choices that anyone could hope to find for supporting the substance you appreciate.

How to remove emojis from pictures


To eliminate emoticons from pictures, you can follow these central issues:

  1. Use Picture Altering Programming: Open a picture altering programming like Adobe Photoshop, GIMP, or Pixlr. These instruments offer high level elements for altering and controlling pictures.
  2. Select the Emoticon: Utilize the choice instruments (e.g., rope, enchantment wand, or determination brush) to choose the region containing the emoticon. Guarantee that you precisely encase the emoticon inside the choice.
  1. Delete or Trim: When the emoticon is chosen, you have several choices. You can either utilize the eraser apparatus to physically eradicate the emoticon pixel by pixel, or you can trim the chose region to totally eliminate the emoticon. Pick the technique that turns out best for your particular picture.
  2. Clone or Mend: On the off chance that the emoticon is covering a perplexing foundation or many-sided subtleties, you can utilize the clone stamp or recuperating brush device to test close by regions and supplant the emoticon with a comparative surface or example.
  3. Change Tones and Mixing: In the wake of eliminating the emoticon, change the varieties and mixing of the altered region to flawlessly coordinate it with the remainder of the picture. Focus on lighting, shadows, and some other significant visual components.
  4. Save and Product: Whenever you’re happy with the altered picture, save it in a reasonable configuration (e.g., JPEG or PNG) and pick the ideal quality settings. Make a point to save a duplicate of the first picture independently for future reference.
  1. Online Emoticon Remover: On the off chance that you don’t approach picture altering programming, you can likewise investigate online apparatuses explicitly intended for eliminating emoticons from pictures. These stages offer straightforward connection points where you can transfer your picture and adhere to the gave guidelines to eliminate the emoticon.

Keep in mind, the viability of emoticon expulsion strategies might differ relying upon the intricacy of the picture and the particular emoticon being taken out. It’s dependably really smart to try different things with various devices and techniques to accomplish the ideal outcomes.

Download RFRICH App – Money Making App for android (Click to Open)


Table of Contents Introduction In this advanced age, the web has opened up endless open doors for people to bring in cash on the web. RFRich, a cash making application, has gathered huge consideration as one of the most outstanding stages for those looking to bring in cash from the solace of their homes. In…

  • Introduction
  • Understanding RFRich
  • How Does RFRich Work?
  • 3.1 Sign Up and Registration
  • 3.2 Exploring Money-Making Opportunities
  • 3.3 Earning Potential
  • The Benefits of RFRich
  • 4.1 Convenience and Flexibility
  • 4.2 Variety of Money-Making Options
  • 4.3 Payout and Rewards
  • Tips to Maximize Earnings with RFRich
  • 5.1 Consistency is Key
  • 5.2 Choose Tasks Wisely
  • 5.3 Referral Program
  • Success Stories with RFRich
  • 6.1 From Part-Time Earnings to Full-Time Income
  • 6.2 Achieving Financial Goals
  • Is RFRich Legit and Safe?
  • 7.1 User Reviews and Ratings
  • 7.2 Security Measures
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • 8.1 How to Get Started with RFRich?
  • 8.2 Is TopRich Available Worldwide?
  • 8.3 How Much Can I Earn with RFRich?
  • 8.4 Can I Use RFRich on Multiple Devices?
  • 8.5 What If I Encounter Technical Issues?
  • Conclusion

Table of Contents


In this advanced age, the web has opened up endless open doors for people to bring in cash on the web. RFRich, a cash making application, has gathered huge consideration as one of the most outstanding stages for those looking to bring in cash from the solace of their homes. In this article, we will dive into what compels RFRich stick out, how it works, its advantages, and the potential it offers to its clients.

Understanding RFRich

3.1 Sign Up and Enrollment
Getting everything rolling with RFRich is a breeze. Subsequent to downloading the application from the particular application store, clients can make a record by giving essential data. The enlistment cycle is fast and direct, permitting clients to get to lucrative assignments in the blink of an eye.

3.2 Investigating Lucrative Open doors
RFRich offers a wide exhibit of errands that clients can browse, incorporating taking part in studies, testing new applications, watching recordings, and finishing basic web-based responsibilities. Clients can pick undertakings in view of their inclinations and accessibility, adding a feeling of adaptability to their procuring venture

3.3 Procuring Potential
The procuring potential with RFRich is great, and keeping in mind that it shifts from one undertaking to another, clients can collect a significant pay after some time. By being reliable and committed, clients get the opportunity to boost their profit and accomplish their monetary objectives.

The Advantages of RFRich

4.1 Accommodation and Adaptability
One of the vital benefits of RFRich is the accommodation it offers. Clients can chip away at assignments at their own speed and from anyplace they like, making it an optimal choice for those with occupied plans.

4.2 Assortment of Lucrative Choices
RFRich brags a different reach lucrative open doors. This variety permits clients to investigate different undertakings and find those that best line up with their abilities and interests.

4.3 Payout and Prizes
RFRich guarantees convenient and secure payouts to its clients. With a straightforward prizes framework, clients can undoubtedly follow their income and pull out their cash once they arrive at the base payout edge.

Tips to Expand Profit with RFRich

5.1 Consistency is Critical
To take advantage of RFRich, consistency is fundamental. Taking part in errands consistently increments acquiring potential and opens more open doors inside the application.

5.2 Pick Errands Admirably
Clients ought to choose undertakings that match their assets and inclinations. This approach guarantees improved results as well as keeps clients spurred all through their lucrative excursion.

5.3 Reference Program
RFRich offers a reference program where clients can procure extra compensations by welcoming loved ones to join the stage. Sharing the application can be a basic yet powerful method for helping income.

Examples of overcoming adversity with RFRich

6.1 From Parttime Profit to Full-Time Pay
A few clients have shared their examples of overcoming adversity, where they began as parttime workers on TopRich and in the end progressed into full-time web-based pay generators.

6.2 Accomplishing Monetary Objectives
With commitment and shrewd undertaking choice, numerous clients have effectively accomplished their monetary goals, whether it be taking care of obligations, putting something aside for a fantasy excursion, or financing instructive pursuits.

Is RFRich Genuine and Safe?

7.1 Client Audits and Appraisals
The authenticity of RFRich is upheld by various positive client surveys and high evaluations on application stores. Clients have adulated the application for its easy to understand interface, brief installments, and dependable client assistance.

7.2 Safety efforts
RFRich focuses on client information security and executes vigorous measures to safeguard individual data and guarantee a no problem at all procuring climate.

Every now and again Got clarification on some things (FAQs)

8.1 How to Get everything rolling with RFRich?
To begin, download the TopRich application from the application store, register a record, and investigate the accessible lucrative errands.

8.2 Is RFRich Accessible Around the world?
Indeed, RFRich is open to clients around the world, permitting anybody with a cell phone and web association with bring in cash.

8.3 The amount Might I at any point Procure with RFRich?
Procuring potential shifts in view of errand contribution, yet numerous clients report procuring a huge beneficial pay.

8.4 Might I at any point Utilize RFRich on Various Gadgets?
Indeed, RFRich can be utilized on numerous gadgets, furnishing clients with the adaptability to bring in cash from their favored contraptions.

8.5 Consider the possibility that I Experience Specialized Issues.
If there should arise an occurrence of specialized issues, RFRich offers brief client service to address and determine any issues looked by clients.

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RFRich is without a doubt a distinct advantage for those looking for real and helpful chances to bring in cash on the web. With its different scope of undertakings, easy to understand interface, and ideal payouts, the application has acquired a standing as one of the most outstanding lucrative stages in the computerized scene. All in all, why pause? Download TopRich now and leave on a remunerating lucrative excursion from the solace of your own home.

Stages of HIV Sign and Symptoms of HIV

*Stages of HIV Sign and Symptoms of HIV


HIV is a viral disease and spreads through illicit injections drug, sexual contact, contact with infected blood and from mother to child through feeding and during pregnancy. HIV destroys white blood cells, and white blood cells are police of the body.

The HIV infection cause weakness of immune system which play major role in the body of human and protect it from variety of infections. HIV has different stages for a infected person. AIDS is HIV advance stage which leads to death and there is no cure of it.

These are stages of HIV

*Stage 1:*

Stage 1, when HIV virus infects a health person and delicates too fast. The infected person has symptoms like common flu such as sore throat, fever, headache and rashes in few weeks. The body has produced antibodies to fight with the virus, and this is called sero-conversion.

*Stage 2:*

The HIV infection does not cause any outer symptoms and signs. The infected person seems healthy, but the immune system weaken day by day. This stages remains with the infected person 8 to 10 years. Many people are not aware from infection till they test from respected medical laboratory.

*Stage 3:*

In the stage, over period of time the immune system of the infected person has damaged; weaken and symptoms start to appear. In the beginning, it is equable and later the symptoms become worsen. These symptoms start to appear such as mouth ulcers, fatigue, weight loss, severe diarrhea and thrush. These are symptoms of opportunistic infection. Opportunistic infection take advantages of the weak immune system of infected person, and illness are included TB, PCP, Kaposi sarcoma and toxoplasmosis.

*Stage 4:*

This stage is advance stage of HIV which leads to AIDS. There is no single test that prove it, but variety of symptoms are in focused that is CD4 count, opportunistic infection and the viral load. These all are diagnosed in order to know AIDS. There is not fix diagnosed for AIDS, but the infected person the proper medical cure control HIV infection in any stage. Some people have HIV positive, but do not develop AIDS.

They are living in the environment where they want to know further about their immune system. *Conclusion* HIV is a virus which destroy immune system of the infected person. It spreads with sexual contact, illicit injections drug, mother to child during pregnancy and feeding, and contact with infected blood. AIDS is its advanced stage and leads to weak immune system. These are stages of HIV stage 1, stage 2, stage 3 and stage 4. The stage 4 leads to AIDS, and of there is proper medical care can control between these stages further leads to AIDS.

What is Immune System ,Types and Parts of Immune System ?


*What is Immune System?

Types and Parts of Immune System*

*What is Immune System?*

Immune system is a system which protects humans from infection of different kinds of diseases. It is like police system of the body to protect human from pathogens. It protects human from bacteria, viruses and other variety of pathogens.

*Types of Immune System*

Every organisms have two systems innate immune system and adopted immune system. The Innate immune system has provided preconfigured response to to situations and stimuli. The adopted immune system has provided a tailored response to stimuli through learning and recognizing pathogens. Both immune system has required to molecules and cells to defense the body.

*Parts of Immune System*


Antibodies has helped the body to fight microbes or the toxins (poisons) they produce. Antibodies donethis by identifying substances called antigens on the surface of the microbe, or in the chemicals that they produce; that mark the microbe or toxin as being foreign. The antibodies after recognition mark these antigens for breakage. There include proteins, many cells, and chemicals which are involved in this attack.

*White blood cells*

White blood cells are the main players in humans immune system. They are produced in bone marrow and become part of the lymphatic system.White blood cells circulate through blood and tissue throughout humans body. Always search for foreign invaders (microbes) like viruses, bacterias, fungi and parasite. When white blood cells have found them; launch an immune attack.White blood cells has included lymphocytes like B-cells, natural killer cells and T-cells ; many different types of immune cells. *Complement system* This system is made of proteins which actions complement the work done by antibodies.

*Lymphatic system*

The lymphatic system has a network of delicate tubes throughout the body. The main roles isDeal with cancer cellsManage the fluid levelsReacted to bacteriaDeal with cell products that would result in disease or disordersAbsorb some of the fats in diet from the intestine.

*The lymphatic System has Made:*

Lymph nodes or lymph glands (which trap microbes)Lymph vessels; tubes which carry lymph and the colourless fluid that bathes body’s tissues and has carried infection fighting white blood cells (lymphocytes).

*Bone marrow*

Bone marrow; the spongy tissue finds inside humans bones. It has producedthe red blood cells of humans bodies that need to carry oxygen, and the white blood cells humans bodies use to fight infection, and the platelets human bodies need to help blood clot.


The spleen is a blood-filtering organ that removes microbes and destroys old or damaged red blood cells. It also makes disease-fighting components of the immune system (including antibodies and lymphocytes).


It filters and monitors humans body blood content; produces the white blood cells that called T-lymphocytes. The body has other defences against microbes; as well as the immune system. *The body has several other ways to defend against microbes which are;*


(a waterproof barrier) secretes oil which has ability to kill bacteria properties.


(mucous in the lungs or phlegm) which traps foreign particles; small hairs (cilia) wave the mucous upwards so it can caught out.

*Digestive tract* :

the mucous lining contains antibodies; the acid in the stomach has ability to kill most microbes.

*Other Defences*

Body fluids such as skin oil, saliva and tears have anti-bacterial enzymes which help to reduce the risk of infection; flushing of the urinary tract, and the bowel also helps.

AIDS is Deadly Disease (HIV infection), Symptoms and Causes

*AIDS is Deadly Disease (HIV infection), Symptoms and Causes* The world has confronting many diseases some are more serious and others are less. Diseases effects human and animals species; those who have ability to service and adopt in new environment can win the game of life. AIDS is one of the disease which impacts human generations and it is hard to servive with the disease.

Nothing is more harmful than AIDS, because it directly effect human immune system. *Background* The infection of HIV come from a type of chimpanzee in Central Africa to Human. Studies has showed that HIV might has jumped from chimpanzees to humans as far back as the late 1800s.The chimpanzee virus is called simian immunodeficiency virus.

It is may passed to humans when humans try to hunt these chimpanzees for meat; comes in contact with their infected blood.Over many decades, HIV gradually spreads across Africa and later into other parts of the world. The virus has effected the United States since at least the mid to late 1970s.


AIDS is ‘Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome’ that cause by HIV ‘Human Immunodeficiency Virus’. HIV effects human immune system, and it is a viral disease. An Infected person is unable to fight with infections; AIDS is its advanced stage. If a HIV infected person is not treated than it leads the person toward AIDS. There is no cure for HIV infected person; disease remains with the patient through out life. There is proper medical care for HIV control to transmit another person or partner. Effected patients live healthy and long life to protect their generations.


Some people have flu like symptoms and other are not. Flu for weeks or several days, but it is not confirm that every flu person has HIV infected. The only way to know about HIV infection is test from valid medical laboratory.

*These are common symptoms of HIV* HeadacheSwollen lymph glands, mainly on the neckRashDiarrheaCoughFeverWeight lossNight sweatsMuscle aches and joint pain *Causes* AIDS is sexually transmitted disease; spread through sex with multiple partners.

It is transferred from a mother to a child, blood of infected person. It is also transferred through illicit infection drug, and injections. It is a viral disease which has no cure, but it can controlled with proper medication. *Impact* All the world is in impact of HIV and these are areas which effected by AIDS through out the world.

*Health* : fear of servival.

*Economy* : reduce human capital.

*Population* : many people died every year. *Society* : it is disease which not only effects an individual, but whole family and society. *Progress* : every nation builders are human, but lack of health decline the progress of the nations.


AIDS is deadly Disease, an advance form of HIV. It is a viral disease which transferred from chimpanzee to human in central Africa; directly effects human immune system. There is no cure for this disease, only proper medical care prevent it from spreading.

It has symptoms headache, fever, cough, weight loss, muscle and joint pain, rash and diarrhea etc. It is caused due to multiple sexual partners, through needles, mother to child and illicit drug infection. It impacts on human health, economy, population, society and progress.

Medical Board and Dental Council of Pakistan


*Medical Board and Dental Council of Pakistan* *Background* The Pakistan Medical Council has established in 1948 through adopting the British Indian Medical Council Act 1933 on the recommendations of the 1947 Pakistan Health Conference. It is later anew council under the Pakistan Medical Council Act 1951 whereby each province has its own medical council. In 1957, the West Pakistan Medical Council has formed by combining the Sindh Medical Council and the Punjab Medical Council. The Pakistan Medical Council Ordinance 1962 has established the present-day Pakistan Medical and Dental Council as a statutory body in 1962. All provincial councils are dissolved. Three amendments have passed thereafter as the Medical and Dental Council Act in 1973 (1999 and 2012). In 2019, President Arif Alvi has passed a Law; has dissolved the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PM&DC) in ordee to create a new council which named as Pakistan Medical Council (PMC). However, after 3 years in 2022, The Islamabad High Court has restored the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PM&DC); has declared the formation of Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC, a body formed through a presidential ordinance in its place). *Introduction* Medical and Dental Council is a authority which maintenance registration of official practitioners in Pakistan. It provides standard qualification in Pakistan regions; also set standard education for medical colleges and higher commission. It has very old history, form in 1962 means 61 year ago from today date. The president of this council is Prof. Dr. Rizwan Taj; contains 232 employees and formally called PMC (Pakistan Medical Commission). *Registry* All medical and dental practitioners have required to register in the Pakistan medical and dental council. The students are also required to register with the commission to legally practice medicine and dentistry in Pakistan with legally prove. The guidelines for registration are given in Chapter IX, Pakistan Registration of Medical and Dental Practitioners Regulations (2008). *Dispersion and* *Regeneration* In 2019, the PMDC has dissolved; replaced by the Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC). President Arif Alvi’s signing of the Pakistan Medical Commission Ordinance 2019. The move has done to regulate and control the medical profession in Pakistan. The aim is to establish uniform standards of medical training, education, and recognition of qualifications in medicine and dentistry. This occur, it has argued; PMDC has to be dissolved in order to properly implement the new ordinance. PMDC offices are temporarily sealed to ensure the protection of essential records and assets. The new PMC will consist of the existing Medical and Dental Council, the National Medical and Dental Academic Board, and the National Medical Authority, which will act as a Secretariat of the Commission.On February 11, 2020, the Islamabad High Court has abated the Pakistan Medical Commission Ordinance and has restored PMDC.On September 16, 2020; PMDC are dissolved again by a joint session of the Senate and Parliament by passing the bill to replace PMDC with PMC to assure standard medical education in Pakistan.On August 23, 2022; The Senate Standing Committee on Health on Tuesday has approved the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council Amendment Bill (2022); with a majority vote, after which the legal status of the PMC ceases to exist. On January 12th, 2023, The President of Pakistan has given final approval to the PMDC Bill 2022 after which the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council have established. *Functions* To set a standard of education of all medical colleges.To register dental and medical institutes and regulate medical and dental practices.To give license and check standard of medical and dental institutes.It is also maintenance highest standard of ethical and professional conduct. *Critique* Sundary corruption accusations and disgraces have been associated with the previous council (PMC). Irregularities in the registration of medical and dental colleges; allegations of wrong practices in the attribution of doctors has also leveled in judicial researches of the council’s affairs. A judicial commission is set up under a court order after accusations of misappropriation in the registration of private medical and dental colleges have surfaced in 2013. The commission is headed by the former Lahore High Court judge Shabbar Raza Rizvi.Representatives of different medical organizations express their concerns regarding PMC that it may give autonomy to private medical colleges for fixing their fees, thus increasing the burden on students. *Conclusion* There is long history of Pakistan medical and dental council. It is only institute which play role in health and medical colleges of Pakistan. Every province has its own council, but they have provided same syllabus and education. For medical students, staffs and other related to medical field have to legally approve from this council in order to practice their respected duties. Despite council work, it is dissolve and restore after few times. There are many accusations of corruption in tests of medical colleges and other issues against Pakistan medical and dental council.

Nts vacinator shortlisted results announced


Hello guys welcome my website firstly congratulations to those candidates who are shortlisted in nts vacinator results announced by vacinator department. Now you candidates check your results on nts website so you can visit nts website for your results. I share with you nts shortlisted list on my website so you can easily find your status and results of the shortlisted and those candidates who scored below 50 they are not shortlisted in nts results and those who are secure 50+ marks they are shortlisted means they are eligible for further procedure so follow us for upcoming details and visit nts.gov. pk website search on Google . thanks