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The number of human spinal nerve is ?

The number of human spinal nerve is ?

A) 33 pairs

B) 31 pairs

C) 32 pairs

D) 34 pairs

The Krebs cycle, also known as the citric acid cycle, takes place in the ?

The Krebs cycle, also known as the citric acid cycle, takes place in the:
a) Nucleus
b) Cytoplasm
c) Mitochondria
d) Golgi apparatus

Which of the following Carbohydrate is Complex Carbohydrate ?


Which of the following Carbohydrate is Complex Carbohydrate ?
(1) Starch
(2) Maltose
(3) Sucrose
(4) Lactose

Petra is the news agency of???

Petra is the news agency of???

(A) Italy
(B) Tunis
(C) jorden
(D) Latvia

When Fatima jinnha joind AIMLA ?


When Fatima jinnha joind AIMLA




D)None of these

Sindh General knowledge for SPSC Examination


Sindh General knowledge for SPSC Examination

Name the first novel published in Sindhi language?
a. Dharti
b. Zeenat✓
c. Talash
d. Shah jo Risalo
e. Sindh muhnje saah me

Bhambore is an ancient city lies near _?
a. Larkana
b. Karachi✓
c. Khairpur
d. None

Which city is known as Paris of Asia?
a. Delhi
b. Dhaka
c. Islamabad
d. Karachi✓

Which is the former capital of Pakistan?
a. Lahore
b. Karachi✓
c. Islamabad
d. Faisalabad

Which is the second largest province of Pakistan in terms of population?
a. Punjab
b. Balochistan
c. Sindh✓
d. None of the above

After the abolition of One Unit Scheme, in which year Sindh regained the Provincial Status in the year:
a. 1969
b. 1968
c. 1973
d. 1970✓

Sindh became a separate province after 1935 Act of India and was separated from Bombay presidency. Identify the year:
a. 1939
b. 1937
c. 1935
d. 1936✓

In 1847, the province of Sindh was divided in how many collectorates?
a. 4
b. 5
c. 2
d. 3✓
e. 6

After the conquest of Sindh in 1843 the first British Governor of Sindh was:
a. Sir Richard Keith Pringle
b. Lord Mayo
c. Sir Charles James Napier✓
d. Sir Henry Hardinge
e. None of these

________led the military conquest of Sindh and conquered the Sindh in 1843?
a. Sir Charles James Napier✓
b. Sir Richard Keith Pringle
c. Sir Henry Hardinge

On 7 July 1972 Sindh announced Sindhi Language was used as _.
a. National language
b. Official language✓
c. Medium of instructions
d. None

There are—districts in Karachi?
a. four
b. five
c. six
d. seven✓

River Indus starts making delta near the city of:
a. Multan
b. Thatta✓
c. D G Khan
d. Sukkur
e. None of these

The historical Ranikot Fort is situated in which District of Sindh?
a. Jacobabad
b. Shikarpur
c. Kashmore
d. Jamshoro✓
e. All of these

How many new districts were created in 2004 in the Province of Sindh?
a. 2
b. 3
c. 4✓
d. 5

The Sindh government has created four new districts in 2004, which are Kashmore, Jamshoro, Kamber and Umerkot in the province.

The Mazar of famous ruler of Sindh Mian Yar Muhammad Kalhoro is in:
a. Hyderabad
b. Sukkur
c. Khudaabad✓
d. Johi

Who is the writer of popular Sindhi novel “SANGHAR”?
a) Nabi Bux Baloch
b) Murtaza Bhutto
c) Ubaidullah Sindhi
d) Muhammad Usman Deplai✓
e) Bashir Qureshi

Area wise, Sindh ranks among Pakistan’s four provinces:
a) 1st
b) 2nd
c) 3rd✓
d) 4th

Gibraltar of Sindh is called:
a) Makli Hills✓
b) Gawadar
c) Karoonjar Mountains
d) Kirthar ranges

Which fort of Sindh is also known as “The Great Wall Of Sindh”?
a) Ghotki Fort
b) Umarkot Fort
c) Naukot Fort
d) Ranikot Fort✓

Which of the following industries has the largest production in Sindh?
a) Cotton Fabric✓
b) Cement
c) Fertilizer
d) Chemical

Mai Bhagi, a famous Sindhi folk singer, was a resident of which village?
a) Islamkot
b) Bhalwa
c) Mithi✓
d) Vijoto

A National Park on the Sindh-Balochistan border is:
a) Kirthar National Park✓
b) Hingol National Park
c) Dasht National Park
d) Lal Suhanra National Park

_ is located at the border between Sindh and the Indian State of Gujarat:
a) Hadero Lake
b) Shakoor Lake✓
c) Drigh Lake
d) None

The Kalhora rulers of Sindh were originally:
a) Hashmi Sayeds
b) Umayyads
c) Abbasids✓
d) Fatimid

50+ General Knowledge Mcqs for Spsc test nts pts

1. Total District in Pak?
Ans: *133*
2. Total Districts in Punjab?
Ans: *36*
3. Total Districts in Sindh?
Ans: *31*
4. Oldest Cantonment of Pakistan?
Ans: *Kohat*
5. India Construct Wuller Barrage on which river?
Ans: *Jhelum*
6. Commander in Chief who was also defence minister in civil Govt?
Ans: *Ayub Khan*
7. Who was 2nd Martial Law Administrator?
Ans: *General Yahya Khan*
8. Smallest Division of KP?
Ans: *Bannu*
9. Jinnah of Pakistan was written by?
Ans: *Stanley Wolpert*
10. Shalimar Garden was built by?
Ans: *Shah Jehan*
11. Tomb of Iqbal located in?
Ans: *Near Badshahi Masjid*
12. Gadani Beach is located in which province?
And: *Baluchistan*
13. Karakurom Highway connect Pak with?
And: *China*
14. Smallest state by area?
Ans: *Malta*
15. Plants exhale at night time which gas?
Ans: *CO2*
16. Distance from north and south equator is called?
And: *Latitude*
17. Eastern Meditarian Island Cyprus divided between which two countries?
And: *Greece & Turkey*
18. Reuters is the news agency of?
And: *UK*
19. WWW stand?
And: *World wide web*
20. Most urbanized province of Pak?
Ans: *Sindh*
21. Black Gold is the name of?
Ans: *Oil*
22. Coldest area of the world?
Ans: *Siberia*
23. Capital of Azad Jamu & Kashmir?
Ans: *Muzaffarabad*
24. Pak won cricket world cup in?
Ans: *1992*
25. Which area of Pakistan is sandwitch between China and Indian occupied Kashmir?
Ans: *Baltistan*
26. In 1945-46 which war was fought?
Ans: *First Anglo Sikh war*
27. Bristol is the sea port of?
Ans: *UK*
28. 1999 UN peace keeping mission to which country?
Ans: *Kosovo*
29* Oldest barrage of Pakistan? Sukkur
30. Gulf war participate by which countries?
Ans: *Iraq & Kuwait*
31. From the moon which structure on the land visible?
Ans: *The great wall of China*
32. Country shortest coastline?
Ans: *Monaco*
33. Country biggest irrigation system of the world?
Ans: *Pakistan*
34. Largest planet of the solar system?
Ans: **Jupiter*
35. City of canals?
Ans: *Venice*
36. China situated in which part of Asia?
Ans: *East Asia*
37. Sweden currency?
Ans: *Krona*
38. Cedi is the currency?Ans: *Ghana*
39. Romania Currency?
Ans: *Lei*
40. First cabinet of Pakistan established?
Ans: *15 August, 1947*
41. Mehmood Ghaznavi Destroyed?
Ans: *Somnath Temple*
42. Tipu Sultan embarrassed Shahadat in?
Ans: *4th Mysore war*
43. Which country has a least population growth?
Ans: *China*
44. Lome is the capital of?
Ans: *Togo*
45. “Pakistan, the heart of Asia” is a book written by?
Ans: *Liaqat Ali Khan in 1950*
46. Founder of Mughal Empire?
Ans: *Zaheeruddin Babur*
47. Antibodies act against?
Ans: *Diseases*

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