A Tool to mark identity on images of Artificial intelligence technology (AI)


A Tool to mark identity on images of AI (Artificial intelligence technology) Google launches a tool which mark identity on images which are created with the help of artificial intelligence technology. Online an advertising company and the American based search engine announce new tool in statement (Tuesday).

Google made it limited for testers and in future its use will increase.Google deep mind has developed the tool which called SynthID; with the partnership with Google Research. SynthID works with Google’s AI image creator Imagen. This system has created full film quality image from single command.

Imagen user will use with AI identifying tool.SynthID creates hidden and digital watermarks on images. It is used in documents and money to make them as real. Those documents will check with light that which have watermarks for checking authentication.

This is same case with digital watermarks, but those use in technology to digitally embed hidden markers. It is not easy to see them, although tools are used to identify them.Those marks help to identify images that are made by AI or not. It also help to identify real or false images which published online.

Experts have identify two major problem with AI tools; they creat misinformation and violet copyright. Google parents alphabet with other companies to establish watermarks to safe AI technology. Those companies like Facebook parents meta, Microsoft, OpentAI and Online seller Amazon have made agreement U.S presedent Joe Bidenat the White House. They promise to safe use of watermarks in video, images, text and audio.The tool help to connect people and give authentic information.

It creates trust between user and creator. Watermarks are at place when image change itself it is not big issue and used to resize picture or color it.Hidden marks are add to AI image. Google has continued activity test watermarks and user experience in beta testers. Companies are trying to spread it on other side of Google to make it available for everyone.SynthID and Google launch AI tools design in business for structural improvement to computing system.

Systems produce large language modals and AI tools. Google makes a new version of self-designed Al computing chips. The new chip TPU v5e builds to train large computer modals and serve those modals. Google has also released new security tools and software to work with AI technology.


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