AIDS is Deadly Disease (HIV infection), Symptoms and Causes


*AIDS is Deadly Disease (HIV infection), Symptoms and Causes* The world has confronting many diseases some are more serious and others are less. Diseases effects human and animals species; those who have ability to service and adopt in new environment can win the game of life. AIDS is one of the disease which impacts human generations and it is hard to servive with the disease.

Nothing is more harmful than AIDS, because it directly effect human immune system. *Background* The infection of HIV come from a type of chimpanzee in Central Africa to Human. Studies has showed that HIV might has jumped from chimpanzees to humans as far back as the late 1800s.The chimpanzee virus is called simian immunodeficiency virus.

It is may passed to humans when humans try to hunt these chimpanzees for meat; comes in contact with their infected blood.Over many decades, HIV gradually spreads across Africa and later into other parts of the world. The virus has effected the United States since at least the mid to late 1970s.


AIDS is ‘Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome’ that cause by HIV ‘Human Immunodeficiency Virus’. HIV effects human immune system, and it is a viral disease. An Infected person is unable to fight with infections; AIDS is its advanced stage. If a HIV infected person is not treated than it leads the person toward AIDS. There is no cure for HIV infected person; disease remains with the patient through out life. There is proper medical care for HIV control to transmit another person or partner. Effected patients live healthy and long life to protect their generations.


Some people have flu like symptoms and other are not. Flu for weeks or several days, but it is not confirm that every flu person has HIV infected. The only way to know about HIV infection is test from valid medical laboratory.

*These are common symptoms of HIV* HeadacheSwollen lymph glands, mainly on the neckRashDiarrheaCoughFeverWeight lossNight sweatsMuscle aches and joint pain *Causes* AIDS is sexually transmitted disease; spread through sex with multiple partners.

It is transferred from a mother to a child, blood of infected person. It is also transferred through illicit infection drug, and injections. It is a viral disease which has no cure, but it can controlled with proper medication. *Impact* All the world is in impact of HIV and these are areas which effected by AIDS through out the world.

*Health* : fear of servival.

*Economy* : reduce human capital.

*Population* : many people died every year. *Society* : it is disease which not only effects an individual, but whole family and society. *Progress* : every nation builders are human, but lack of health decline the progress of the nations.


AIDS is deadly Disease, an advance form of HIV. It is a viral disease which transferred from chimpanzee to human in central Africa; directly effects human immune system. There is no cure for this disease, only proper medical care prevent it from spreading.

It has symptoms headache, fever, cough, weight loss, muscle and joint pain, rash and diarrhea etc. It is caused due to multiple sexual partners, through needles, mother to child and illicit drug infection. It impacts on human health, economy, population, society and progress.


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