Substance which changes readily into vapor upon heating is called volatile
  Selenium is a non metal
  Most elastic among carbon, rubber, glass and paper is glass
  Quartz is chemically silicon dioxide
  Highest electrical conductivity is of Silver
  Vinegar contains Acetic Acid.
  Lightest element found in nature is hydrogen
  Heaviest atom is uranium with atomic weight 92 amu
  Molasses is a by-product of sugar industry.
  Formic Acid is used in dying, tanning and electroplating.
  Sodium Benzoid is used for the preservation of grains.
  Which gas discovered in 1898 has a name meaning new Neon.
  The metal known as quick silver: Mercury
  Ethylene is a gas concerned with Ripening of fruits.
  Opium is obtained from seed capsule of opium poppy.
  Dry Ice is solid Carbon dioxide
  The most common element in the universe is Nitrogen.
  Geologists have classified nearly 3000 minerals.
  Igneous rocks are solidified form of molten magma.
  Sedimentary rocks are formed by the deposition of sediments in water.
  Metamorphic rocks are the rocks transformed by the action of intense heat or great pressure or chemical activity.
  Shale is a metamorphic rock.
  Sedimentary rocks cover about 75% of world’s land area.
  Moon rocks collected by astronauts are igneous in type.
  Ore of Aluminum is Bauxite
  Pyrolusite is an ore of manganese
  Myrolusite is an ore of Manganese.
  Ore of Gold is Native Gold
  Argentite is an ore of silver
  Magnetite and hematite are iron ores.
  The important ore of Chromium is Chromite
  Bauxite is an ore of aluminum. It contains mineral alumina, or aluminum oxide.
  Diaspore, Felspar, Alurite, Zibcite, and Bauxite are the ores of Aluminum.
  Malachite is an ore of Copper
  Radium is extracted from an ore called Pitch Blonde
  Which element is extracted from the ore Sphalerite-Zinc
  Saccharine is obtained from coal tar
  What is extracted from the ore cinnabar-Mercury
  What is extracted from the ore caserite-Tin
  Aqua Regia is the mixture of Nitric Acid and HCL in 1:3.


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