Islamic Studies MCQs CSS-2018

1. Prayer for lunar eclipse: Salat ul Kusoof
2. During Ghazwa Ahzab (Khandaq) how many soldiers of Kufar fought the battle: 10000
3. Heads of Zakat mentioned in Surah: Al-Tawba
4. Hijrat is mentioned in Surah: Surah Yasin
5. Quba is distant from Madina: 3 miles (not sure)
6. Nabbi means:
7. Spoken son of prophet (PBUH): Zaid bin Harisa (RA)
8. Al-at Qan fi Aloom al Quran is written by: Jalaluddin Suyuti
9. Qureshi Katib e Wahi:
10. Hadith e Mashhoor consists of chain of citings by number of people: 3
11. Masaharat means:
12. Name of Shah Walli Allah: Qutbuddin
13. Khatam al Nabien is mentioned in Surah: Surah Ahzaab
14. Heading of editing of Quran Committee: Hazrat Usman
15. Norsi was was movement in which country: Turkey
16. Fasatat al Quran is other name of Surah: Surah Fatiha
17. After demise of Hajrat Khadija (SA) with whom Prophet (PBUH) married: Hazrat Sawda (R.A)
18. How suggested treatment of chicken pox: Al Razi
19. Hazrat Moses and Hazrat Shoib’s relation: Father in Law
20. Hazrat Uthman (RA) was assassinated in year (A.H): 35 A.H


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