Islamic study


What is the rate of Zakat on silver, gold and currency?
a. 2%
b. 1 1/2%
c. 2 1/2%d. 2.25 %

what is Ushr?
a. 1/10th produce of agricultureb. 1/5th of precious stones
c. 1/1-th of the whole property
d. none of them 

What is the meaining of Khums?
a. One sixth
b. One fifthc. One fourth
d. One seventh

What is the compulsory tax on the produce of agricultural lands?
a. 1/20b. 1/10
c. 1/11
d. 1/15

How much is the rate of Ushr on the produce of land benefited by rain or some natural spring?
a. 1/15
b. 1/20
c. 1/10d. 1/26


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