Islamic Study


Every prayer is preceded by an Azaan with the exceptions of ____
a. Eid-ul-fitr
b. Eid-ul-Auzha
c. Funeral Prayer
d. All of them

A person who performs prayer alone is called_____
a. Maqtadi
b. Munfarid c. Mosbooq
d. Imam

Standing straight for a short while after Rukah is called____
a. Qa’ada
b. Jalsa
c. Qiyam
d. Qauma 

How many persons should be in Ba-Jamat-Salat?
a. Three
b. Twoc. Four
d. One

Which Pillar of Islam is the Key of Paradise?
a. Hajj
b. Salatc. Zakat
d. Soam


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