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From where the word “Zakat” is derived?
a. Zakariya
b. Tazkiyac. Zaka
d. None of them

Name the fundamental pillar of Islam which is often mentioned in the Holy Quran alonwith Salat?
a. Jehad
b. Hajj
c. Salat
d. Zakat

what is the literal meaning of the word Hajj?
a. The will to visitb. To wald briskly
c. The holy journey
d. To go round ka’ba

who build the first structure of the Holy Ka’ba?
a. Hazrat Adam ASb. Hazrat Ismaeel AS
c. Hazrat Ibraheem AS
d. Hazrat Musa AS

The place from which the Hajjaj to Makkah assume the state of Ihraam.
a. Meeqatb. Mina
c. Arafat
d. Muzdalfa


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