Live Worm Found in Woman’s Brain Instead of Tumor


Live Worm Found in Woman’s Brain Instead of Tumor In Australia, a brain doctor surprises during operation. Hari Priya Bandi founds a living worm in a patient’s brain. In Canberra Hospital in 2022, she performed operation and she mention it in a study with Dr. Sanjaya Senanayake in Emerging Infectious Diseases.

In the study, it is clear that roundworm native of Australia which is eight centimeters long. Before the operation, it is unclear that roundworm will effect human. It is found in carpet pythons (A kind of large snakes found in Pacific islands and Australia). The patient in 2022 has diagnosed with depression and forgetfulness. Her brain image changes in few months; roundworm is not expected in her brain, but the doctor expect a tumor.

Every doctor in the operation theater has stunned to see worm instead of tumor.After operation, the doctor says that the patient does not say about any problem, some problems remove, but other still present. The doctor becomes happy to solve the patient problem and all doctors give her medicines and looking her health.It is not clear that where the worm goes in her brain. Doctors believe that she lives close pythons area; may she eats eggs of worms.


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