Medical Board and Dental Council of Pakistan


*Medical Board and Dental Council of Pakistan* *Background* The Pakistan Medical Council has established in 1948 through adopting the British Indian Medical Council Act 1933 on the recommendations of the 1947 Pakistan Health Conference. It is later anew council under the Pakistan Medical Council Act 1951 whereby each province has its own medical council. In 1957, the West Pakistan Medical Council has formed by combining the Sindh Medical Council and the Punjab Medical Council. The Pakistan Medical Council Ordinance 1962 has established the present-day Pakistan Medical and Dental Council as a statutory body in 1962. All provincial councils are dissolved. Three amendments have passed thereafter as the Medical and Dental Council Act in 1973 (1999 and 2012). In 2019, President Arif Alvi has passed a Law; has dissolved the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PM&DC) in ordee to create a new council which named as Pakistan Medical Council (PMC). However, after 3 years in 2022, The Islamabad High Court has restored the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PM&DC); has declared the formation of Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC, a body formed through a presidential ordinance in its place). *Introduction* Medical and Dental Council is a authority which maintenance registration of official practitioners in Pakistan. It provides standard qualification in Pakistan regions; also set standard education for medical colleges and higher commission. It has very old history, form in 1962 means 61 year ago from today date. The president of this council is Prof. Dr. Rizwan Taj; contains 232 employees and formally called PMC (Pakistan Medical Commission). *Registry* All medical and dental practitioners have required to register in the Pakistan medical and dental council. The students are also required to register with the commission to legally practice medicine and dentistry in Pakistan with legally prove. The guidelines for registration are given in Chapter IX, Pakistan Registration of Medical and Dental Practitioners Regulations (2008). *Dispersion and* *Regeneration* In 2019, the PMDC has dissolved; replaced by the Pakistan Medical Commission (PMC). President Arif Alvi’s signing of the Pakistan Medical Commission Ordinance 2019. The move has done to regulate and control the medical profession in Pakistan. The aim is to establish uniform standards of medical training, education, and recognition of qualifications in medicine and dentistry. This occur, it has argued; PMDC has to be dissolved in order to properly implement the new ordinance. PMDC offices are temporarily sealed to ensure the protection of essential records and assets. The new PMC will consist of the existing Medical and Dental Council, the National Medical and Dental Academic Board, and the National Medical Authority, which will act as a Secretariat of the Commission.On February 11, 2020, the Islamabad High Court has abated the Pakistan Medical Commission Ordinance and has restored PMDC.On September 16, 2020; PMDC are dissolved again by a joint session of the Senate and Parliament by passing the bill to replace PMDC with PMC to assure standard medical education in Pakistan.On August 23, 2022; The Senate Standing Committee on Health on Tuesday has approved the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council Amendment Bill (2022); with a majority vote, after which the legal status of the PMC ceases to exist. On January 12th, 2023, The President of Pakistan has given final approval to the PMDC Bill 2022 after which the Pakistan Medical and Dental Council have established. *Functions* To set a standard of education of all medical colleges.To register dental and medical institutes and regulate medical and dental practices.To give license and check standard of medical and dental institutes.It is also maintenance highest standard of ethical and professional conduct. *Critique* Sundary corruption accusations and disgraces have been associated with the previous council (PMC). Irregularities in the registration of medical and dental colleges; allegations of wrong practices in the attribution of doctors has also leveled in judicial researches of the council’s affairs. A judicial commission is set up under a court order after accusations of misappropriation in the registration of private medical and dental colleges have surfaced in 2013. The commission is headed by the former Lahore High Court judge Shabbar Raza Rizvi.Representatives of different medical organizations express their concerns regarding PMC that it may give autonomy to private medical colleges for fixing their fees, thus increasing the burden on students. *Conclusion* There is long history of Pakistan medical and dental council. It is only institute which play role in health and medical colleges of Pakistan. Every province has its own council, but they have provided same syllabus and education. For medical students, staffs and other related to medical field have to legally approve from this council in order to practice their respected duties. Despite council work, it is dissolve and restore after few times. There are many accusations of corruption in tests of medical colleges and other issues against Pakistan medical and dental council.


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