NTS Everyday Science Important MCqs


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130. The living part of a plant cell
is composed of a nucleus and
131. The pattern for building
protein molecule is stored in the
messenger RNA.
132. Anvil and stirrup are names
of bones present in the ear.
133. The front of the eye is
covered with a tough
transparent material called
134. The young plant inside a
grain of wheat is called the
135. Inborn behaviour that
involves only one part of the
body is called Reflex Action.
136. The smallest branches of an
artery lead into tiny blood vessels
called capillaries.
137. Eustachian tube belongs to
138. Cartilage is a connective
139. Auricle is present in heart.
140. Tendon is a muscle.
141. Dendrites are the part of
142. In an animal cell protein is
synthesized in the Ribosome.
143. Chemically finger nails are
made up of protein.
144. Muscle stiffness is symptom
caused by the disease Tetanus.
145. Riboflavin (vitamin B2) is
not affected by cooking.
146. Thiamine is vitamin B1.
147. Ascorbic acid is vitamin C.
148. Rickets is caused by the
deficiency of vitamin D.
149. The number of
chromosomes in the
spermatozoon is 23.
150. The fat in our food is
digested by the Enzyme Lipase.
151. The most abundant element
in the human body is Oxygen.
152. Sound is a form of energy.
153. A fraction of sunlight is
refracted as it enters the earth‘s
154. Rainbows are produced by
the reflection of light through
rain drops.
155. Light switches in our homes
are connected in parallel series.
156. Generators convert
mechanical energy into
157. Modern incandescent bulbs
do not contain filaments made of
158. Trout is not a sea fish.
159. Epiphytes are a plant that
grows upon another plant.
160. Hepatitis is the inflammation
of liver.
161. Meningitis is inflammation
of membrane surrounding the
162. Equinox is the time when
the sun appears vertically
overhead at noon at the equator.
163. Joseph Aspdin is the
inventor of cement.
164. Neurology is the science of
Nervous system.
165. Biometry is the application
of statistics in the study of
166. Aviculture is the rearing and
breeding of birds.
167. Malaria is caused by
168. Goitre is caused due to
deficiency of Iodine in diet.
169. Typhoid is caused by
Salmonella Typhosa.
170. Black hole is a hypothetical
region of space having a
gravitational pull so great that no
mater or radiation can escape
from it.
171. Fungicide is used against
moulds and fungi.
172. The science which deals
with heredity is known as
173. Insulin is used for the
treatment of Diabetes.
174. Yuri Gagarin is the first man in space


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