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Artificial intelligence


Artificial Intelligence IntelligenceThe simplest human behaviour is imputed intelligence, but the most complicated insect behaviour is not taken as intelligence. The behaviour of the digger wasp, Sphex ichneumoneus, when the female wasp has returned to her burrow with food. She first deposits it on the threshold and checks for intruders inside her burrow, then, when the coast is clear; she carries her food inside.Artificial intelligence Artificial intelligence is burning topic for everyone. It is also popular topic of discussion in future as well; it may be popular through out centuries. The term artificial intelligence refers to machine ability to do task like human intelligence like solving problem and learning. Artificial intelligence includes applications such as web search engines (Google Search), systems (YouTube, Amazon, and Netflix), human speech translation such as Siri and Alexa, self-driving cars (Waymo), creative tools (ChatGPT and AI art), and strategic games (chess and Go).It origins in 1956, get some disappointment, but after 2012 funds increase for it. It has traditional goals such as perception, planning, learning, reasoning, knowledge and robotics. AI has ability to solve problem related to science, economy, daily life and languages.AI is used in information learning, and its systems use for advance technology. Its systems are known as expert systems. Computers are used to know human intelligence and development. AI tools has helped human in every field and with help of AI human gain technological power and are connected to each other.

Live Worm Found in Woman’s Brain Instead of Tumor


Live Worm Found in Woman’s Brain Instead of Tumor In Australia, a brain doctor surprises during operation. Hari Priya Bandi founds a living worm in a patient’s brain. In Canberra Hospital in 2022, she performed operation and she mention it in a study with Dr. Sanjaya Senanayake in Emerging Infectious Diseases.

In the study, it is clear that roundworm native of Australia which is eight centimeters long. Before the operation, it is unclear that roundworm will effect human. It is found in carpet pythons (A kind of large snakes found in Pacific islands and Australia). The patient in 2022 has diagnosed with depression and forgetfulness. Her brain image changes in few months; roundworm is not expected in her brain, but the doctor expect a tumor.

Every doctor in the operation theater has stunned to see worm instead of tumor.After operation, the doctor says that the patient does not say about any problem, some problems remove, but other still present. The doctor becomes happy to solve the patient problem and all doctors give her medicines and looking her health.It is not clear that where the worm goes in her brain. Doctors believe that she lives close pythons area; may she eats eggs of worms.

Business Through Brazil’s Amazon


Business Through Brazil’s Amazon Amazon in Brazil is used for business. Many companies use it for different material, nuts and fruits. In these days, there is thought to increase it, and a specific term is used for it “bioeconomy”.Marcelo Salazar which has a drink company named Mazo Mana Forest Food. They get help form local in partnership to gather different kind of fruits for drinks. For financial support, they get help from an investment group in Manaus, Brazil.

There is hope that bioeconomy promotes economy which is based on ranching and forestry.Leaders from Amazon also support it. Make policies to protect rainforest, and Salazar is team chosen under the ministry of environment which talks about this subject. This idea is used as green economy in past.Brazil nuts and acai harvesters; people also chocolate form coca. There is also the world’s largest fishery.

People also gather rubber to produce shoes; Helder Barbalho’s state (He is the governor of Para state) believe that only Brazil has complete bioeconomy plan. Para is large producer of acai. Its economy depends on iron export to China; 27 million form cows use large land. There are more greenhouse gases than other state of Brazil.Natura is skin products company, twenty year ago it begins to production by using ingredients from family forms and Amazon communities. Ucuuba trees is used to produce brooms; later company knows about it. When local people use it and increases earning and sell seeds of Natura. It conserves more than 2 million hectares of the forest.

Natura has brought goods of 41 communities. Which are home to 9,120 families and they have received $9 million. Para state has planned the bioeconomy names of 43 forest products that are able for export such as cassava, acai, fish species, cocoa, pepper and essential oils which are for skin products.The neighbor Amazonas state creates a bioeconomy plan with financial support from the U.S. Agency for International Development. Although, some earlier efforts have revealed problems.

A state of condom factory in the Amazon city of Xapuri opens in 2008. It has supposed to provide the market which is helpful for hundreds of rubber-gathering families. Although, the factory has closed 10 years later; when federal funding comes to an end. Local people have resorted to cattle ranching; nowadays the area has ranked high for deforestation.

Cocoa beans are also in problems. The trees are able for a way to let forest growing back where it cuts down once or multiple times. Although, its appeals to many places such as the Ivory Coast and Ghana meant massive deforestation to made way for trees which earn more money.Salazar (head of Mazo Mana) has vision that his company is as both social-minded and good for the economy.

It has kept nearly 10 percent money for the partner community associations. Salazar has thought to the sustainable companies which get success; grow big and will be those who have a mission to solve problems of Amazon. He has said that those companies would drive an economy which is the value of the forest.

A Tool to mark identity on images of Artificial intelligence technology (AI)


A Tool to mark identity on images of AI (Artificial intelligence technology) Google launches a tool which mark identity on images which are created with the help of artificial intelligence technology. Online an advertising company and the American based search engine announce new tool in statement (Tuesday).

Google made it limited for testers and in future its use will increase.Google deep mind has developed the tool which called SynthID; with the partnership with Google Research. SynthID works with Google’s AI image creator Imagen. This system has created full film quality image from single command.

Imagen user will use with AI identifying tool.SynthID creates hidden and digital watermarks on images. It is used in documents and money to make them as real. Those documents will check with light that which have watermarks for checking authentication.

This is same case with digital watermarks, but those use in technology to digitally embed hidden markers. It is not easy to see them, although tools are used to identify them.Those marks help to identify images that are made by AI or not. It also help to identify real or false images which published online.

Experts have identify two major problem with AI tools; they creat misinformation and violet copyright. Google parents alphabet with other companies to establish watermarks to safe AI technology. Those companies like Facebook parents meta, Microsoft, OpentAI and Online seller Amazon have made agreement U.S presedent Joe Bidenat the White House. They promise to safe use of watermarks in video, images, text and audio.The tool help to connect people and give authentic information.

It creates trust between user and creator. Watermarks are at place when image change itself it is not big issue and used to resize picture or color it.Hidden marks are add to AI image. Google has continued activity test watermarks and user experience in beta testers. Companies are trying to spread it on other side of Google to make it available for everyone.SynthID and Google launch AI tools design in business for structural improvement to computing system.

Systems produce large language modals and AI tools. Google makes a new version of self-designed Al computing chips. The new chip TPU v5e builds to train large computer modals and serve those modals. Google has also released new security tools and software to work with AI technology.

The Link between the Gas Reservoir and Health Problems

The link between the Gas reservoir and Health problems New studies have shown a link between Gass Well and cancer birth problems and asthma. Those children who live near Gas wells have more chances of lymphoma (a rare kind of cancer), asthma, lung diseases, and low birth weight.

The studies are done by the University of Pittsburgh.Researchers found a connection between gas industry activity such as fracking and diseases like asthma and lymphoma in children. The researchers are not conformed to say that drilling causes the problem, but they find a record of cases near gas wells. Based on distance, the researchers find data for research.

The Gass industry worker says that the study has limited data and weaknesses.The researchers found that those children who live 1.6 kilometers near Gass Wells have a five to four percent chance than those who live 8 kilometers away from it. It means 60 to 80 per million cases of lymphoma cases near the gas wells than 12 per million away from it.Those children who live near Gass Wells have severe asthma but nothing is more clear that it is caused by fracking. Fracking is the process of putting oil in the ground to extract natural Gas.

The four-year $2.5 million research project came to an end, because of the family pressure on the affected ones. It is very rare to have bone cancer in near Gass reservoir area patients.The researchers say that near Gass well birth, children have 28 grams lower weight than normal ones. Edward Ketyer (A retired child doctor) has said that closer fracking activity has higher chances of diseases in children. There are many processes introduced to deposit waste but it is not clear how much pollution is caused by waste material.

A higher rate of fracking gives worldwide Gas and oil power to the United States. However, it also causes pollution and diseases in other states such as Colorado, Pennsylvania, and Texas.

Media Organization and Artificial intelligence Tools


Media Organizations and AI Tools
Many media organizations are trying to save their content from Artificial intelligence training. They are calling for new laws that protect their content from AI tools; on request, a letter is published that contains large news. The letter has officials of AP, Gannette, news media alliance, and other organizations that have signed the document.

Chatbot is an AI tool that produces content like a human; also known as one of the large language models. The letter states that there should be a law to protect content from AI tools. Companies are worried that that AI content is widely used without permission and contains material from official websites which is called scraping and is used in AI tools to produce copyright material.

AI developers use free material so many companies have to deal with them to issue licenses for them. AI developers have permitted to use of content, but other organizations have blocked to use of content. There is also a rule that AI developers use any content first they take permission and the material includes audio, video, images, and written content. There is also a big problem that the material of AI developers is false and information is presented as truth. The content will mislead many people which impacts negatively.
Many companies are learning AI tools to save their material. New rules are made to protect content from falsehood. New laws are made which many companies are following.

In the South of Pakistan which ocean is :


In the South of Pakistan which ocean is :

A) Indian Ocean

B) Atlantic Ocean

C) Arctic Ocean

D) Pacific Ocean

The first Russian lunar mission since 1976 is:


The first Russian lunar mission since 1976 is:

A) Luna-25

B) Luna-9

C) Luna18

D) Luna-2