Stages of HIV Sign and Symptoms of HIV


*Stages of HIV Sign and Symptoms of HIV


HIV is a viral disease and spreads through illicit injections drug, sexual contact, contact with infected blood and from mother to child through feeding and during pregnancy. HIV destroys white blood cells, and white blood cells are police of the body.

The HIV infection cause weakness of immune system which play major role in the body of human and protect it from variety of infections. HIV has different stages for a infected person. AIDS is HIV advance stage which leads to death and there is no cure of it.

These are stages of HIV

*Stage 1:*

Stage 1, when HIV virus infects a health person and delicates too fast. The infected person has symptoms like common flu such as sore throat, fever, headache and rashes in few weeks. The body has produced antibodies to fight with the virus, and this is called sero-conversion.

*Stage 2:*

The HIV infection does not cause any outer symptoms and signs. The infected person seems healthy, but the immune system weaken day by day. This stages remains with the infected person 8 to 10 years. Many people are not aware from infection till they test from respected medical laboratory.

*Stage 3:*

In the stage, over period of time the immune system of the infected person has damaged; weaken and symptoms start to appear. In the beginning, it is equable and later the symptoms become worsen. These symptoms start to appear such as mouth ulcers, fatigue, weight loss, severe diarrhea and thrush. These are symptoms of opportunistic infection. Opportunistic infection take advantages of the weak immune system of infected person, and illness are included TB, PCP, Kaposi sarcoma and toxoplasmosis.

*Stage 4:*

This stage is advance stage of HIV which leads to AIDS. There is no single test that prove it, but variety of symptoms are in focused that is CD4 count, opportunistic infection and the viral load. These all are diagnosed in order to know AIDS. There is not fix diagnosed for AIDS, but the infected person the proper medical cure control HIV infection in any stage. Some people have HIV positive, but do not develop AIDS.

They are living in the environment where they want to know further about their immune system. *Conclusion* HIV is a virus which destroy immune system of the infected person. It spreads with sexual contact, illicit injections drug, mother to child during pregnancy and feeding, and contact with infected blood. AIDS is its advanced stage and leads to weak immune system. These are stages of HIV stage 1, stage 2, stage 3 and stage 4. The stage 4 leads to AIDS, and of there is proper medical care can control between these stages further leads to AIDS.


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