The Link between the Gas Reservoir and Health Problems


The link between the Gas reservoir and Health problems New studies have shown a link between Gass Well and cancer birth problems and asthma. Those children who live near Gas wells have more chances of lymphoma (a rare kind of cancer), asthma, lung diseases, and low birth weight.

The studies are done by the University of Pittsburgh.Researchers found a connection between gas industry activity such as fracking and diseases like asthma and lymphoma in children. The researchers are not conformed to say that drilling causes the problem, but they find a record of cases near gas wells. Based on distance, the researchers find data for research.

The Gass industry worker says that the study has limited data and weaknesses.The researchers found that those children who live 1.6 kilometers near Gass Wells have a five to four percent chance than those who live 8 kilometers away from it. It means 60 to 80 per million cases of lymphoma cases near the gas wells than 12 per million away from it.Those children who live near Gass Wells have severe asthma but nothing is more clear that it is caused by fracking. Fracking is the process of putting oil in the ground to extract natural Gas.

The four-year $2.5 million research project came to an end, because of the family pressure on the affected ones. It is very rare to have bone cancer in near Gass reservoir area patients.The researchers say that near Gass well birth, children have 28 grams lower weight than normal ones. Edward Ketyer (A retired child doctor) has said that closer fracking activity has higher chances of diseases in children. There are many processes introduced to deposit waste but it is not clear how much pollution is caused by waste material.

A higher rate of fracking gives worldwide Gas and oil power to the United States. However, it also causes pollution and diseases in other states such as Colorado, Pennsylvania, and Texas.


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